The Team

KMMA combines the talents and expertise of the three partners Ben Kotlowitz, Henk Marais and Riaan Marais.

Together we produce exceptional architectural and interior design solutions for the upmarket residential, commercial, multi-residential and tenant installation markets. In order to provide creative and functional design to the best of our abilities, we have honed our craft to produce bespoke designs that are carefully detailed yet cost-effective and long-lasting. Our design powerhouse was shortlisted for a World Architecture Award in 2011, has had work published in more than 20 magazines and has been featured regularly on Top Billing.

Ben Kotlowitz

Architect Ben Kotlowitz is a founding member and director at KMMA. He graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) and was awarded the David Haddon Prize for Professional Practice. He also attended Harvard Business School to complete the Leading Professional Services Firms program in 2015.

His 30 years of international experience in the design and architecture sector has equipped him to be a driving force for achieving excellence in his field while playing a major role in generating new projects through his many years of successful practise.

For him, architecture is the ultimate synthesis of art and technology, form and function. The ultimate reward as an architect is to see the vision realised and having valued clients both appreciate and enjoy the resultant unique creation.

Henk Marais

Architect Henk Marais is a founding member and director at KMMA. He graduated from the University of the Free State with a Bachelor in Architectural Studies (BAS).

With over two decades of experience in the design and architecture field, he has been an exemplary proponent for excellence in architecture while being a leader and mentor to the KMMA team.

Henk is particularly fascinated with 3D objects and architecture, allowing him to translate into built form the shapes of his imagination. This combined with the opportunity to work with valued clients, consultants, contractors, and suppliers is what drew him into architecture. Sculpting clients’ needs to enhance their lives is extremely rewarding, and he constantly seeks to exceed expectations.

KMMA was shortlisted for a World Architecture Award in 2011.
Riaan Marais

Architect Riaan Marais is a director at KMMA. He graduated from the University of the Free State with a Bachelor in Architectural Studies (BAS). He also completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Practice (RIBA Part 3) at the University of Westminster, London, UK in 2003.

He joined the practice in 2012 after spending 13 years working as an architect in the United Kingdom. Riaan has acquired extensive experience in sustainable design and has completed high-end commercial, residential, retail, mixed-use, education, and leisure projects. Each one of the UK commercial buildings he worked on was accredited BREEAM Excellent whilst the more recent mixed-use projects in South Africa were accredited GBCSA Green Star 4*.

His experience ranges from new buildings to remodelling and refurbishment projects for both public and private sector clients with projects being procured through a variety of methods including traditional, design and build, and PFI-PPP. Riaan’s experience of working in both large commercial practices and small design-led practices has given him a thorough understanding of the business of architecture. His pragmatic, analytical approach to finding solutions, coupled with a strong work ethic, has proven to be invaluable when designing and delivering complex projects.

His core belief is that change is essential for growth and that flexibility and collaboration bring the best results in life. Thus, the relationship between an architect and his client is crucial – the best buildings are created when a good architect gets to work with a great client.

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