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House Des Huguenots Fresnaye

A house designed by KMMA, about 12 years ago, was due for an update to its overall image. The makeover included interior changes, a redesign of the swimming pool and outdoor areas as well as an extension, to accommodate the client’s lifestyle changes. The extension included the incorporation of a bar area and a large informal living area.

The garden area was enhanced by the introduction of the timber decking and a raised planter to the South East end which, now that it has been planted, has enabled the clients to obtain privacy from the house behind. The planter is also lit at night and forms a feature.

The house is a double storey, 5 bedroomed home and has a great flow between between the indoors and the outdoor secluded North facing garden. The pool was reshaped to become a simple geometric rectangle and an automated pool cover was installed with a new jacuzzi set into the timber decking. The aesthetic of the house was updated by the addition of a contemporary steel and reconstituted wood pergola featuring brise soleil elements which wraps around the house providing shading as well as creating a strong linear visual element that enhances the simple yet timeless lines of the facade.

KMMA worked with Interior Designer Francois Du Plessis to create an interior that was both crisply contemporary yet warm and inviting. The bar, fireplace, server and dining room wall cladding elements were all designed by KMMA, and the décor elements were selected and sourced by Francois. The redesigned fireplace element was re-imagined as a striking marble clad element which serves as a focus and source of warmth to the extended living spaces.

The entrance to the house was re-imagined and opens up to a “zen” courtyard with built-in security to provide cool and calm reflection space for the owners and their family. The house now enjoys an incredible flow from indoors to outdoors and makes the most of its windfree Fresnaye location by providing unobstructed access and with a strong visual connection.